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Water Concerns

Clean water supports a healthy lifestyle!BAD TASTE


Water supplies contain various elements, some as a result of natural processes and others a case of man adding elements to the water supply.

Regarding natural elements, water is a universal solvent that picks up a little of everything it makes contact with, such as iron, manganese and sulfur. In the case of man’s intervention, the most common element added to the water supply is chlorine.

Symptoms in Your Water

Whether natural or man-made elements are added to your drinking water, the result may be an offensive taste and odor. The "rotten egg" odor, "swimming pool" smell and metallic taste are just some of the descriptions frequently reported by consumers.

The Right Solution™ - WaterMax® MaxPack®

The WaterMax® MaxPack®, designed and manufactured by Hague Quality Water International, is a water treatment and Reverse Osmosis combination system that eliminates offensive tastes and odors to provide customers with the highest quality water possible.

It is important to note that everyone’s water supply can be different. Contact us for a complete analysis of your water supply. The advanced design of the Watermax® allows us to customize the WaterMax® to your specific needs.

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