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Reverse Osmosis Specifications

The Hague H3500 Reverse Osmosis System is one of the most efficient RO systems on the market due to Hague's application of the non-electric permeate pump. The permeate pump significantly reduces the amount of water wasted, increases the pressure from the spigot to quickly fill a pitcher or glass and replenishes the holding tank at a higher rate.

Permeate Pump
The permeate pump is non-electrical, energy-saving device which dramatically improves reverse osmosis system efficiency.

The Permeate uses only the hydraulic energy of the brine water to push additional purified water into your pressure tank. This increased pressure allows the reverse osmosis membrane to perform as if within an atmospheric tank system. Use of a Permeate Pump improves membrane life and system performance.

A Hague H3500 RO System with a permeate pump maintains full pressure across the reverse osmosis membrane, even as tank pressure reaches up to 95% of line pressure. This insures maximum TDS reduction both better water quality and extended membrane life.

The Permeate Pump will reduce the amount of wastewater produced by the reverse osmosis process by up to 80%. You can’t match the taste the pure water that only a reverse osmosis system can produce but we also value our natural resources and continually pursue ways to preserve them.


  • No electricity required, powered only by hydraulic energy.
  • Improves water quality by insuring membrane efficiency
  • Improves membrane life
  • Decreases product tank fill time by up to 65%
  • Reduces drain wastewater by up to 80%

Every Hague H3500 Reverse Osmosis unit receives a complete systems testing prior to leaving the factory.

Reverse Osmosis - Model H3500
Model H3500
Product # 2246U
Membrane Gallons per day1 Liters per day1 WQA GPD2 WQA LPD2  TFC 20 76 13 49 
Water Pressure  30 -100 Min. -Max. 
Water Temperature Degrees, F  40 -113 Min.-Max. 
Chlorine Tolerance  0 ppm 
Max. Hardness  10 Gr. pg 
Max. Iron  <0.1 ppm 
Max. Mang.  <0.05 ppm 
pH Limit  4.0 -11.0 
Max.TDS Limit  2000 ppm 
Hydrogen Sulfide  0.00 ppm 
Max. Turbidity  1.0 NTU 
Typical Rejection WQA Rejection  97%-98% @ 60 psi 89% @ 50 psi 
Storage  3.1 Gal. 
Water Supply  Municipal, Well, Non-Chlorinated 
Treatment Stages  5 Stage 
Prefiltration  1 Mic. Sediment / Carbon Block 
PCF  Standard 
Postfilter  GAC 
Height (inches) 16-3/4
Width (inches) 14-1/2
Depth (inches) 7
Weight  35 lbs. 

1 Product output is measured to atmosphere with feed water of 77 degrees F, 60 PSIG and 360 ppm TDS. 2 NSF production is measured against a pressure tank @ 5 psi backpressure, 77 degrees F, 50 PSIG and 750 mgIL + 40 mgIL TDS.

NOTE: Actual production rates may vary depending on water temperature, pressure, TDS level and membrane type.

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